At Phu Chaisai where our guests live simply; in comfort and close to nature.

The Resort’s design is harmonious with its surroundings; the fresh mountain air is cleansing and reduces the need for air conditioning. The unique accommodation and overall concept of “less is more” create a genuine opportunity for guests to immerse themselves into true natural rhythm and environment.

Restaurant at the koi fish pond

Bird’s eye view of Phu Chaisai Estate 2,000 rai property

At Phu Chaisai we believe luxury was intended for the spirit and comes from nature. Open your eyes from the comfort of your bed to watch the sun rise across the horizon.

Breathe the unspoiled mountain air from your cottage’s private terrace overlooking scenic mountain and valley views, making you forget your worries and cares.

Television sets and electronic alarm clocks are absent from your room so you can rise to the sound of an awakening forest in your luxurious bamboo accommodation.

Infinity pool with jungle views

Reception sala

Handcrafted bamboo furniture

Phu Chaisai is more than a resort or a holiday. There is something magical about our mountain environment which is a reminder that mindful living with nature is possible, even in this modern age. Body and mind were not meant to be apart; sleep comes easy at Phu Chaisai.